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two poems by Steve Caratzas

Consider This an Admission of Guilt

Leave me to a dank alley;
Thatís more than good enough.

How different really from
The aisle I watched you walk
So full of hope,
So stupid?

When I get what I deserveó
Some malignant evil
Slurping the last dregs
Of my souló
I pray to God they hook me up
To the Premium cancer nozzle
In the oncology ward.

Every time I get a dress shirt
I see your dress hanging there.
And if I squint just right
I get a nice vision of me
In its place:
Bug-eyed and blue tongue

And for real kicks
I leisurely read
The inscriptions
In our rings,

Engraved with lies,
Though we chose the nicest font.

Poems About Death are Really Poems About Love

Hey you,
Dumb God:

Are you oriented x3?

Can you tell me the truth
Or something like it?

And is the lemon flower really sweet?

I got no truck
From downtown,


Iíll take a dry heave to go
And yes
I want the group rate.

-Iíve watched the Chinese Downhill
-Iíve seen a dogfight over Libya

And I know:

-Time has owned my bitch ass from the moment I was born.

Itís okay.

Life is a sneak thief with
A pretty face, ugly shoes.

And some days you canít die fast enough.

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Steve says, "My work has been published by New School University's DIAL Magazine. I have worked as a legal proofreader, financial journalist and dot.com content strategist. I spent 15 years playing guitar in a dozen or so New York-based rock bands. I have been inspired by the work of William S. Burroughs, Lou Reed, and David Lynch."