Acadiana Wordlab is on haitus.

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Oct 27 2014

Acadiana Wordlab is on hiatus while we look for a new co-ordinator. If you’d like more information, please write to

Sat., October 25: J.K. McDowell

Wordlab News | Posted by Jonathan
Oct 21 2014

Acadiana Wordlab will next meet at:

Saturday, October 25th, 2pm
in the conference room in the
Acadiana Center for the Arts
101 W. Vermilion St.,
Lafayette, Louisiana

And will be presented by J.K. McDowell!

J. K. McDowell is an Artist, Poet & Mystic and the author of the poetry collection, Night, Mystery & Light, published by Hiraeth Press.  An Ohioan expat living in Cajun country, McDowell lives with his soul mate who also happens to be his wife and their two beautiful companion parrots.  A day job brought him to Acadie’ and after seven years he is fixin’ to stay.  McDowell’s  poetry has been published in the online journals Written River and The Wayfarer. His latest work in glass art is featured at the Lafayette Art Gallery. McDowell recently contributed the Foreword to the revised expanded edition of L. M. Browning’s, Ruminations at Twilight, published by Homebound Publications.  Current poetry projects include translations of the Indian Poet Kabir, translations of & inspirations from the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, and the continuing poetry practice of writing one Ghazal poem a month, which will likely result in a new collection.


After J. K. McDowell’s session, Acadiana Wordlab will go on hiatus.

Sat., October 18: Phyllis McLaughlin Nauman

Wordlab News | Posted by Jonathan
Oct 16 2014

phyllisAcadiana Wordlab will next meet
Saturday, October 18th, at 2pm
in the Conference Room of the
Acadiana Center for the Arts
101 W. Vermilion St.
Lafayette, Louisiana

And will be presented by Phyllis McLaughlin Nauman, with her workshop, “The Unmasking of the Soul.”


Phyllis McLaughlin Nauman is an activated mass of protoplasm whose spin on life is to illuminate the path on which she walks. A Louisiana native, a Sunday’s child born on the bank of the Mississippi River; her life’s travels delivered her to distant places and back. She has hiked as Maiden, Mother and Mystic, Artist, Wife, Healer and Nurse. Now to write her Epic Journey she has turned to verse.