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Sat., December 1st: Emily Thibodeaux

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Nov 27 2012

Emily Thibodeaux is a writer and teacher living in Lafayette, Louisiana. She received her Bachelor’s in English from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and her MFA from Columbia University in Fiction writing. Emily has poetry published by the Ahadada Books magazine Ekleksographia, and two short stories due to be published; one is put out by Writer’s Bloq, an online community of writers of which she is a member of the collective presse, and also a new journal run out of Baton Rouge, Belle Journal, of which she is a member of the selection committee. Emily teaches English at South Louisiana Community College and is at work on her first novel, Vermilion Parish, which explores a Cajun brand of magical realism set in a small town in Acadiana. She is obsessed with the recurring dream of a house with extra rooms, Cajun folk tales, and the mystery of generational curses, all of which she is writing about in her novel. In addition to writing, Emily runs a semi-regular mindfulness writing workshop out of her house, sews period costumes, makes jewelry, and sometimes appears with friends on stage for acting and music making.

Clare L. Martin talks about Acadiana Wordlab

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Nov 15 2012

Clare L. Martin, author of Eating the Heart First, blogged about her experiences at Acadiana Wordlab. Apparently they were good ones! Read her comments at

Sat., November 17: Alex Johnson

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Nov 12 2012

Alex Johnson, also known as “PoeticSoul,” is originally from Lafayette and has been writing since her teens. She has performed for many venues including the recent 100,000 Poets for Change events held at the Acadiana Center for the Arts and Cité des Arts, September 2011 and 2012. She was a featured artist on “Englewood You Got Served” sponsored by Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Hope Worldwide and International Churches of Christ. Alex performs locally at multiple venues in southwest Louisiana including AcA, Festival International, Destiny of Faith Christian Center, and for Patrice Melnick’s Artist Series. Alex is a strong advocate for community service and working with the youth. She has worked with Volunteers of America, Project S.O.U.N.D. and has spoken to classrooms spanning Lafayette and St. Landry Parishes about the power of writing. Alex will be a featured artist at this year’s Festival of Words.

Check out her read at the 100,000 Poets for Change event in 2012 at Cité des Arts: