Saturday, Feb. 2nd: Reggie Michael Rodrigue

Posted by Jonathan
Jan 29 2013

Reggie Michael Rodrigue was born in Mathews, Louisiana on June 3, 1974. He was raised on Bayou Lafourche in the small town of Cut Off, Louisiana which is about a forty-five minute drive north of the Gulf of Mexico. He received a Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology from the University of Southwestern Louisiana in 1996. After a few years, he returned to my alma mater to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts with a concentration in Painting and graduated in 2002. He is currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana and growing his art career, which encompasses making art, curating and arts writing for his own blog:, the digital arts journal and The Oxford American.



My mission as an artist is to create provocative, contemporary art with a psychedelic, baroque edge that speak to the complex, schizophrenic, and accelerated pace of our time, yet give the viewer a glimpse into one singular, eternal moment through the static nature of painting, drawing, digital images and sculpture. My art is based on the principle of polarity or dichotomous forces, bringing together disparate styles, gestures, shapes, strains of thought and feelings to create a work of art that is a totality unto itself. By doing so, my art speaks of the connectivity that exists between all things, seen and unseen. Viewing my art gives the audience a sense of being at the threshold between two worlds – the macrocosm and the microcosm. This threshold is the point of infinite possibility in the universe, from which all things emanate. In many ways, I draw parallels between this threshold point and the ever-abundant Louisiana landscape, and I believe that this landscape has had a deep impact on the complex look of my artwork. My hope is that my viewers can appreciate the depth, mystery and humor of life and the universe through my work.

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