About Us

Acadiana Wordlab is on indefinite hiatus while we seek a new organizer.

What is Acadiana Wordlab?

Acadiana Wordlab is an uncensored weekly writing workshop in Lafayette, Louisiana.Acadiana Wordlab is free and open to the public (though it’s good to have a few bucks on hand for the presenter’s trouble). We have no formal “membership,” but rather serve as a space where people can come together to work on their craft as often as they see fit.


How does Acadiana Wordlab work?

Acadiana Wordlab is a drafting workshop, rather than a critique workshop. Each week, a guest presenter comes and presents a work of art (literary or otherwise), a discussion of art, or a lecture on craft. Attendees then write for 20 minutes or so. After writing, attendees read what they’ve just been working on, aloud. If there’s time left over, the presenter will present a second prompt, followed by another round of writing, then reading. Criticism is not a serious element of Acadiana Wordlab. This is a workshop where we explore new ideas and prompts, not polish and revise. This allows a more fluid membership, a wider variety of presenters, and opportunities for novice and experienced writers to learn from each other. At Acadiana Wordlab, the person sitting next to you might be a much better writer than you—and it won’t really matter. You can appreciate their work, and let them hear yours, without worrying that you don’t “belong.”

How do I participate in Acadiana Wordlab?

Just show up! We are at: the conference room in the Acadiana Center for the Arts 101 W. Vermilion St. Lafayette, LA  70501 Almost every Saturday, from 2pm to 4pm. You can use the calendar widget on the right to look for specific workshops and workshop presenters. Please bring something to write with and something to write on. Please be advised that presenters do not receive formal payment for their time, so if you can bring a few bucks to donate, we’d really appreciate it.

Who can give a presentation to Acadiana Wordlab?

Acadiana Wordlab is based around art as a writing prompt, and there’s no reason that the prompts need to be literary art. Musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, and writers of every sort are welcome to give presentations—so long as you’re willing to write and read aloud, yourself! You don’t need to be particularly experienced or successful, you just need to have some art that you’ve created that you’re prepared to discuss. Why don’t you contact organizers at wordlab@acadianawordlab.org and tell them you’d like to present? If you live in Acadiana, we hope you’ll drop by and see a workshop first, but if you’re a traveling artist of any sort, just drop us a line and tell us about yourself, and we’ll see what we can do.

Who organizes Acadiana Wordlab?

 Acadiana Wordlab was founded by Jonathan Penton, then organized by Clare L. Martin. It is currently on indefinite hiatus while we look for a new organizer.