Drone Drama: Chapter 6

Music for the Dead


Drone Drama: Music for the Dead is an eleven-chapter, seventeen-minute video in which Berlin-based American composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and California visual artist Cecelia Chapman explore the interplay between Chapman's fantastic video interpretation of Marquardt's subtle drone compositions and titles, addressing what it is to be human in the age of the drone. Marquardt's Drone Drama inspired a poem, two  videos, and will be a multi-media stage production. ://www.facebook.com/ChapmanMarquardt/



Cecelia Chapman is an artist working with still and moving images. Her videos "Fear Don't Knock" and "Message4u" have been featured on dotswave tv, London. Italy's Utsanga Press has featured her asemic drawings. Her work has appeared in Unlikely Stories since 2004. Check out her web site at CeceliaChapman.com.


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