Endless Evening

                       After Chance the Rapper


We begin with laughter

Get here, bruh, intoxicated, bruh

Two drinks & now you buggin', bruh

You can't guzzle this bittersweet liquor,

You're swayin' bruh, I'm just sayin', bruh

You leanin', bruh, don't topple over

Find a seat, my intoxicated bruh


Cue chorus of laughter

there's a fortune in togetherness

in this endless evening, liquor never

stops flowin', everybody drink up, drink up

my cup is overflow' in this endless evening,

This endless evening, cups are never empty, endless

swayin', trash talk sayin', everybody's feelin' alright

Get here, bruh, have a chair, bruh,

you've been swayin' all night

in the warm air of the evening,

everybody's feelin' alright

in this endless evening,

tonight's the night



Shirley Jones-Luke

Shirley Jones-Luke is a poet and writer living in Boston, Massachusetts.  She has an MFA from Emerson College and was a 2016 Watering Hole Poetry Fellow. Her work has been published by Deluge, ENUF and Mass Poetry.


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