Amy L. Eggert

Amy L. Eggert is the author of Scattershot: Collected Fictions (Lit Fest Press 2015), a hybrid collection that redefines and re-envisions the trauma narrative. Additional recent publications can be found in Cardinal Sins, Bluffs Literary Magazine, and Festival Writer. She is currently coauthoring a book with Jane L. Carman that explores the mindset, stigma, and aftermath of suicide. Eggert teaches for Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.

assistance     gone     alone with both     lonely     days without     both fluish angry needing   not
their fault     hungry   homework     nights without    can’t sleep, doesn’t      doctor says just one
pill per     small hands stretching, reaching     must watch them closely   always       loads of
laundry   hungry   exhaustion     just one pill     bedwetting wakes older   regression   consoling

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