James Grabill

James Grabill’s recent work is online at the Caliban, Elohi Gadugi, Buddhist Poetry Review, Harvard Review, Terrain, Mobius, Calliope, The Toronto Quarterly, Mad Hatter’s Review, and others. His books include An Indigo Scent after the Rain (Lynx House, 2003) and  Sea-Level Nerve: Books One and Two (environmental prose poems, Wordcraft of Oregon, 2014-5). A long-time Oregon resident, he teaches 'systems thinking' and global issues relative to sustainability.

Who were the forgotten first to be kind or to recognize
mindfulness in eyes? When forests guarded the fine-tune
fingertip touch, they promoted overflow communications
between disparate species with mint conditions operating
in the back-roar, in breath without trying, in the classical
days before medical birth.

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