Marc Vincenz

Marc Vincenz

Marc Vincenz is British-Swiss and the author of nine poetry books. His book-length long poem, Sibylline, has just been released by Ampersand Books.

Vincenz is also the translator of many Romanian and German-language poets, including Herman Hesse Prize winner Klaus Merz, Werner Lutz, Erika Burkart, Alexander Xaver Gwerder, Ion Monoran, Robert Walser and Jürg Amman. His most recently released translation is Secret Letter by Erica Burkart (Cervena Barva Press, 2016).

He has received many grants from the Swiss Arts Council and a fellowship from the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin. His own work has been translated into German, Russian, Romanian, French, Icelandic, Georgian and Chinese.

Tell us though
of unquestioning apartheid,
of segregation,
of that being-according-to-what-you-are-not
           and of how-you-may-be-defined,

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