Ethan has nowhere to go
by Aaron Avila

"Ethan Has Nowhere To Go" was a short story written by Jeremy Hight. It was about to be published when he pulled it. It will never be published. These solicited works are Ethan. These works are the story.

The text exists only to be used as a nameless trigger, as a bit of back end, like HTML code.

This is a collaborative piece with all elements created entirely for this work. Lauren Henny created an impressionist song to go along with the piece. She assisted with certain elements of the cinematography. She is also the lady acting in the film. The bulk portion of cinematography and all editing was done by Aaron Avila. He can also be seen acting in the film. He directed the film and dissected both the text and song to create something completely new from both. The song however can be heard in its original form the last couple minutes of the film. The text however can only be found at a gallery soon to be listed. The film is an impressionist take on what the story meant to Aaron and ultimately is the transference of ownership from text to film but meant to inspire future "Ethans" in any form they wish to be born.

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