Hiller, Tobey

Tobey Hiller was born on the east coast of the U.S. and migrated west many years ago. She lives in Northern California, where she worked for many years as a psychodramatist, group leader/consultant, teacher, and therapist. She and her husband have two children and four grandchildren, and she counts her large, lively and talkative extended family as a main inspiration and life teaching. She has always been interested in myths, legends and fables, and in the edge zones where melt, collision or transformation occur.

In addition to her poetry and nonfiction work, she writes both realist and fabulist fiction. Her story “Splinter” won First Prize in Craft’s 2020 Short Story Elements Contest and was earlier short-listed for the first Los Gatos-Listowel Short Story Contest; “The Seventh Blue” was a finalist for the Reynolds Price Short Fiction Award; two of her other stories have been short-listed for prizes, and her fiction collection Flight Advice: a fabulary was one of five finalists for Omnidawn’s Fabulist Fiction Prize (2019) under the name Particle to Wave: a fabulary. Photo by Robert Croutier.

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