Copeland, K.R.

K. R. Copeland was born June, 22nd 1970 in Chicago, Illinois, as Kimberly Rae Lorenz. She recalls falling in love with words in the 4th grade, a sentiment solidified by her teacher, Mrs. Ambercrombie, complimenting her on her story-writing abilities. That small bit of affirmation led to a lifetime of voracious reading and writing; from journaling, to poetry, to freelance for-hire gigs. Her first publication credit, circa 1992, came by way of Streetwise Newspaper, a free Chicago periodical, in which she published a small Valentine's poem, written for her then-boyfriend, who became her husband of nineteen years. In roughly 2002, K.R. joined a critical online poetry forum, the Alsop Review's Gazebo, a decision which proved invaluable to the honing of her craft. Since then, K.R. has racked up countless international publishing credits, in small and independent literary magazines and journals, and has published two small compilations of poems: Anatomically Correct (Dancing Girl Press, 2005) and 2057 (Olivia Eden Publishing, 2013). She has also acted as co-editor, art director, and social media director for publications such as the Blue Ocean Institute's Sea Stories, The Centrifugal Eye, and Unlikely Stories, respectively. In addition, K.R. has had the pleasure of guest-editing issues of the literary journal Stirring, the now-defunct Poetry Worm, and Ithaca Lit. She is a self-proclaimed irreverent, who falls in love too easily and far too often, and who eats far too much cheese for her own good.

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